Goal and Organisation

The association of daycare facilities BOKU (Verein BOKU KINDERGARTEN) is certified daycare facility according  to the Vienna Daycare law (Wiener Kindertagesheimgesetz (WKTHG)). All members and caretakers of the association have to acknowledge and act without limitation to non-violent care of the children. The goal of the association is to take care of children from BOKU students and employees. Currently, three daycare groups exist: nursery and two family groups.  Children are taken care of by trained and certified supervisors. Members of the association are those persons that have a daycare spot for a child in one of the three named groups.  Various honorary tasks exist within the association. The association is organised by its members gratuitously. All tasks (except the actual caretaking) are handled by the members, including member organisation, support functions, finances, meals, and cleaning. This generally results in tasks for one parent per child, to be taken care of during day to day business.

Rights and duties of members:

The right  on child daycare during opening hours The right on co-determination during general assembly The duty to take care of tasks as noted on the job list ( one job per child) The duty to aid in fundraising activities, like fairs and parties The duty to attend general assembly