1. "I forgot to sign up for the XY exam, can I still take the exam?"

    No. It is clearly stipulated that you have to be registered for an exam in order to be able to complete it. The system checks on your registration whether you are really entitled to take this exam. We want to treat all students equally fair and that's why everyone has to sign up for an exam on their own.

  2. "Could you please cancel the exam lock, because ..."

    If you send us a sick report or medical confirmation within one week of the exam (see also responsibilities), the block will be lifted. Otherwise, you have to take care of a timely deregistration on your own. Put an alarm clock on your mobile, ask a fellow student to remind you of the deadline, etc.

  3. "I forgot to unsubscribe from the exam, could you please do that for me?"

    For reasons of fairness you have to take care of a timely deregistration yourself. If you set an alarm clock on your mobile phone, ask a fellow student to remind you of the deadline, etc. For organizational reasons, we can not carry out any registrations or deregistrations for you after an expired deadline. When registering, you can set the waiting list until which day you want to move up automatically. Think about what day makes sense for you, so you do not move up just before the exam, when there is not enough time for you to prepare. There are very detailed information and trainings about BOKU online & learn, waiting lists, etc. from the ZID if you would like to know more.

  4. "Can I take part in the practical course/ field trip, there are still places available, but I was not at the preliminary meeting."

    Important points are discussed during the preliminary discussion and we would like to get to know you. Therefore, it is only possible to take part in the practical course/ field trip if you were at the preliminary meeting.

  5. "Why was I deregistered from the practical course/ field trip etc., I had a confirmed place"

    If you were absent from the preliminary meeting, you will be automatically deregistered

  6. "Can you increase the number of people who can register for the exam, I am on the waiting list and would like to take the exam?"

    Lecture rooms are of a certain size and we need space to come to you during the exam should you have a question. Therefore, there is a maximum number of participants per exam date. This is matched to the size of the hall. If two exams take place at the same time, we will redeploy the exams, should be free on one exam and a long waiting list on the other exam.

  7. "All of my fellow students got a grade after the model recording exercise, except me"

    Did you graduate from the StEOP? We can not issue a certificate until you have registered the StEOP positively. As soon as this happens, please send an e-mail to Ms. Sabine Eisenschenk, she will issue your certificate for the process engineering exercise.

  8. "I do not find course XY on BOKU learn, can you sign me in please"

    All registration always works as follows: You subscribe to a course on BOKU online and within 24 hours you will be enrolled in the associated BOKU learn course. Therefore, please always register on time and independently for BOKU online to the LVAs you want to complete.
    Only students with a confirmed place are automatically enrolled in the BOKU learn course. If you change from one group in which you had a confirmed place to another group and then you are on the waiting list, the BOKU learn course disappears until you have a confirmed place again. Unfortunately we can not intervene in this programming.
    Please be patient, the systems will only be compared once a day.
    We can recommend to you the trainings of the ZID regarding BOKU online and BOKU learn. It is definitely not a waste of time to listen to them and will certainly help you during your studies.

  9. "Can I copy the multiple-choice exam, can someone else come to see my exame instead of me? When can I see my exam?"

    It is stated in the study law that copies of multiple choice examinations may not be made in any form at the time of inspection.
    So you have to come in person, you can see the exam, but you can not make any photos, copies, transcripts etc. of it.
    In the BOKU learn course of the current semester, you will always find the data of the next examination date.
    Inspection of the LVAs of Prof. Wendland is always at the office hours of Ms. Gold.

  10. "I emailed you yesterday, why do not I have an answer?"

    We endeavor to answer your request as soon as possible. Sometimes we first have to consult with a colleague / get information before we know how to answer. This may take a few days. We will definately get back to you (unless your question has been answered here in the FAQ), but we ask for your understanding if it takes a while.

  11. "Is there an exam date in XY?"

    At the beginning of the semester all exam dates for the semester will be announced in BOKU online . Please check there if there is an exam date in the month XY or not.