BNE teacher training

In order to be able to promote the sustainability knowledge of the students, the lecturers must first have a certain know-how with regard to didactics, methodology and sustainability topics. There are a large number of dedicated teachers at our university who are already committed to sustainable development as part of their teaching or who would like to and would like support in doing so.

With this in mind, the WG BNE organizes at least one peer learning meeting every semester on various aspects of education for sustainable development. This teacher training course focuses on the exchange of experiences between teachers from different disciplines and learning from one another. A lot of time is given for discussion and reflection. In 2019 there was a meeting on the subject of "Theories and Concepts of Sustainability" and "Interdisciplinarity".

Peer Learning Courses

In addition to the BNE training courses, the WG BNE has also been organizing exchange meetings between teachers since 2018. You can find details on these "peer learning courses" HERE.

Registration for this takes place in the BOKU Training pass.