Objectives and measures of the WG BNE

As one of the measures of the BOKU sustainability strategy (2014-2018), the establishment of a working group on the subject of Education for Sustainable Development (WG BNE) was decided and carried out in October 2015.

This working group aims to strengthen sustainability as a teaching content at the BOKU.

The working group meets several times per semester to discuss the possibility of anchoring sustainability more firmly in BOKU teaching. The working group consists of almost 20 people from different departments, the Center for Teaching and the Center for Global Change and Sustainability, as well as student representatives.

Examples of measures:

  • Student survey in winter 2022/23: "To what extent does BOKU create the space to acquire knowledge and skills for sustainability and to reflect on values and attitudes?", report in progress
  • Proposal paper on "Sustainability as STEOP content and discussion with representatives of various specialist faculties" -> Steop input in UBRM, AWI, Lap / Larch
  • Discussion paper BOKU-Kernthemen der Lehre zur Nachhaltigen Entwicklung ("BOKU core topics of teaching on sustainable development") -> Discussion in different settings
  • Creation and implementation of teaching formats for education on sustainability
  • Peer learning training on content and didactic topics of education for sustainable development
  • BNE advanced training (for current dates, see BOKU training pass):
    • The Sustainicum Collection I: Get to know and try out teaching resources for education on sustainability (introduction)
    • The Sustainicum Collection II: Developing teaching resources for education on sustainability and using them profitably (workshop, specialization)
    • Basics of BNE
    • In-depth basics of BNE

Further informationen

Contact person for the WG ESD: Mag. Lisa Bohunovsky (Center for Global Change and Sustainability)