Kick off Workshop "Sustainable development as a topic in BOKU courses" 2018

In its sustainability strategy, the BOKU is committed to anchoring sustainability in university teaching. A wide variety of aspects of sustainable development are currently being presented in many courses, with a variety of theoretical approaches and didactic methods. So far there has been little exchange of experiences and content coordination, especially since many of these courses are supervised by external lecturers, who sometimes have little contact with other BOKU lecturers.

The working group "Education for Sustainable Development" (WG BNE) therefore cordially invited all teachers to a joint workshop on January 19, 2018. The focus was on exchanging experiences and getting to know each other among teachers who are or want to be involved in courses on sustainable development.

Around 50 internal and external teachers from all BOKU locations attended the meeting and discussed the content and methods very intensively. The starting point for the content-related discussion was the proposal of the WG BNE on BOKU sustainability core topics and the question of how far and in what form these should occur or should occur in the BOKU teaching. In addition, experiences on the integration of SDGs in teaching (Georg Gratzer), participatory methods for large groups using the example of STEOP UBRM (iV Martin Kniepert) and method collections such as the Sustainicum Collection (Richard Kromp), the Virtual Academy Sustainability (Lisa Bohunovsky) and the Case Competence Tool (Michael Ambros) presented.