Boku Activities Supporting Entrepreneurship

Under the umbrella of BOKU:BASE, the BOKU promotes entrepreneurial thinking and action and is the point of contact for innovation and entrepreneurship.

We see ourselves as a springboard for innovations, pioneers for ideas, technologies and strategies for sustainable development in society. The BOKU:BASE trains responsible designers who contribute to the development of holistic solutions to societal challenges.

Our offer includes three areas:

Education & SDGs

For students, we offer a targeted range of courses that support them in implementing their project idea. In addition to a focus on the implementation of sustainable ideas and the development of a start-up, we cooperate with other universities in order to promote interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams and ideas. In addition, there is the opportunity for promising projects to use our co-working space and to network with our community - internally and externally.

Research & IP

We support and accompany researchers in the start-up process and offer tailor-made advice on intellectual property (IP) and patents. As part of university spin-offs, we provide spin-offs with professional support in the exploitation of research results. We are the point of contact for matters such as invention reports, patent and license management, start-ups and spin-offs, and we help researchers with the commercial implementation of innovative ideas.

Labs & Infrastructure

By providing laboratory space and rooms at our Türkenschanze, Muthgasse and Tulln locations, the prototyping and testing of new ideas and products should be promoted in a targeted manner. With the Core Facilities, the BOKU provides equipment such as instruments and large devices that are state-of-the-art. The start-up teams can optimize ideas and scientific findings here and develop them until they are ready for the market.

As the University of Life, we place particular value on interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange with society. As part of our events, we network students and researchers with relevant actors from the start-up scene.

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