• The course "Sustainability Challenge" offers students from the WU, TU, Uni Wien and BOKU the opportunity to put the theory they have learned into practice in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary framework. On the subject of "Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and urban change", sustainable projects are developed and implemented together with institutions, associations and companies in the Service Learning Track. The start-up track accompanies the development and implementation of your own business idea for sustainable (urban) development.
  • "Sustainable Entrepreneurship" is a course that offers space in a blocked format for planning and implementing your own start-ups, associations, NGOs, initiatives and ideas.
  • "Die Garage" - an interactive course in English in cooperation with WU and TU Wien - enables students to develop, shape and refine their entrepreneurial ideas.
  • The course "Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit" ("Courage for Sustainability") is a lecture series with guest speakers and BOKU teachers and deals with the essential ecological and socio-economic developments in our world. Solution strategies for sustainable development are considered from different perspectives and students also implement a self-chosen, socially ecological project.
  • "Die innere Dimension der Nachhaltigkeit: Die Rolle von Emotionen, Werten und Weltbildern" ("The Inner Dimension of Sustainability: The Role of Emotions, Values ​​and Worldviews") is a colorfully mixed course with two theory units and an experimental practical week to understand, reflect and deepen inner aspects of sustainability.

Further offers & events

Joint Forces is a regular event in cooperation with the WU and TU Wien, which offers students a platform to pitch their ideas, projects or startups, get feedback from like-minded people and build a network within the community.

The ECN BOKU (Entrepreneurship Centre Network) ensures the exchange of experiences, inspiration and new ideas with event formats such as the “Start-up Day”, the “BOKU Schaufenster” and “ECN TryOut”. mit Veranstaltungsformaten wie der „Start-up Tag“, das „BOKU Schaufenster“ und „ECN TryOut“. The aim of the ECN is to promote entrepreneurial thinking and action across the board at universities and to raise awareness of business start-ups as a career option. The ECN platform offers an excellent opportunity to network and promote young students.

The [sic!]- students‘ innovation centre is a student think tank for projects, initiatives and business ideas with a positive ecological and social impact. Student project advice is offered weekly, supported with know-how, tools and methods for project implementation. The [sic!] Organizes numerous events and workshops, for example to generate ideas and impart "changemaker" skills.