[sic!] – students’ innovation centre

The [sic!] is the contact point for sustainable, student entrepreneurship, acts as a catalyst for sustainable ideas and builds the bridge between students and the offers of universities, as well as the wider ecosystem of sustainable entrepreneurship.

"Our vision is a world in which all students are aware of their potential for change and have the courage and skills to implement ideas for a holistically sustainable future."

The [sic!] organizes events and workshops to develop talents and ideas. It offers a safe framework in which students can try out their skills, provides inspiration, orientation on a personal and project level, and connects students with the actors who are relevant to them.

Since it was founded in 2016, the [sic!] has hosted the ClimateLaunchpad, the world's largest competition for sustainable business ideas, every year in order to contribute to the development of European innovation potential.

In addition, the [sic!] offers weekly project advice free of charge. You will be picked up where your idea or project is and advise you on sustainable implementation, networking, financing and much more. (Please contact beratung(at)sic-vienna.at)

The students’ innovation Meetup is another event format of the [sic!]. The focus is on networking all those who are interested in setting up or starting a project in the sustainable and/or innovative scene.

[rec!orded] is the in-house podcast of the students ’innovation center. In the form of personal conversations with representatives of sustainable and social entrepreneurship, the [sic!] would like to show that even supposedly small ideas can make a big difference. The episodes are published every 14th of the month, wherever there are podcasts. (if you have any questions, please contact podcast(at)sic-vienna.at)

The [sic!] gives students the opportunity to test themselves, to get to know the world of sustainability and entrepreneurship and to improve the world a little bit with motivated people. You can find more information on www.sic-vienna.at and if you have any questions, concerns or interests, you are welcome to send an email to office(at)sic-vienna.at.