Sri Lanka: February 2017 BOKU organizes with Peradeniya University a Certificate Course on Organic Farming in Kandy, funded by Erasmus teacher mobility for Friedrich Leitgeb and Christian R. Vogl from the Division of Organic Farming, Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems. Thirty students and practitioners form Sri Lanka gather at Peradeniya University near Kandy in Sri Lanka to actively engage with organic farming through lectures, group work, practices and field visits. Topic covered are e.g. the consequences of conventional farming, agroecology, food sovereignty, principles of organic farming, organic farming practices in the tropics, regulations and quality management in organic farming, alternative food networks, participatory guarantee systems, marketing or commercialization.
The course is embedded in an ongoing exchange between Peradeniya University and the Division of Organic Farming at BOKU that included e.g. an excursion of students from BOKU to organic farming projects in Sri Lanka in 2015 and one planned for 2018. Sri Lanka Exkursion 2015 Peradeniya University