Best poster award for Luke Omondi Olang

Mr. Luke Omondi Olang, a researcher from Egerton University in Kenya, who is currently undertaking his doctorate studies at the Institute of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering, BOKU University, Vienna with the support of the ÖAD North-South-Dialogue Scholarship Programme, recently was awarded the best poster presentation for his contribution to the "12th Biennial Conference of the Euro-Mediterranean Network of  Experimental and Representative Basins (ERB), Hydrological Extremes in Small Basins" held in Cracow from September 18th - 20th , 2008.

This contribution entitled "Impact of land cover changes on the flood hydrology of headwater
sub-catchments in the Nyando River Basin of Kenya" is part of his PhD research on the application of GIS in the analysis of land cover change impacts on floods of the Nyando river basin in Kenya. This study was born out of the fact that many river basins in Kenya undergo
significant land cover changes due to pressure from population increase. Read more ...