Brief Description

Helpful information for new recruits and returning staff. Here you can find a compilation of all forms that are relevant for your employment (for example, application forms for leave, etc.).

The personnel administration is comprised of the entire time span of employment from entry to leaving. The main tasks are related to entry and leaving administration (compilation of contracts of employment / additions, registration and deregistration at pension and health insurance institutions, etc.), vacation management, salary administration, leave management, business travel management and master data maintenance.

Overview: Contact Persons for Employees

Here you can find additional useful information as well as downloadable option for:

Forms for job postings, hiring or employment adaptations respectively (form 3, work schedule, notification of secondary employment), career positions, freelancers (invoices) but also applications for leave, forms for sick leave or releases; or also for the termination of employment.

Guidelines and helpful information ranging from searching for new recruits to the preparation work for a break in career and the subsequent re-entry into the world of work.

Guidelines with helpful suggestions, tips and examples for the organization of the entire process of personnel selection, ranging from job advertisement to staffing.