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Guideline, Downloads

As a management tool, the appraisal interview supplements everyday communication and creates a framework in which strategic issues can be discussed. It offers employees and their managers the opportunity to discuss cooperation, define tasks and goals for the next period, and plan further development. The interview is held once a year and also serves to shape and drive the development of the institute, department or service facility and, not least, BOKU as a whole.

Systematic Interviews

The following documents will support you in preparing and conducting the interviews. The documents have been designed to be sensitive to diversity and largely accessible (low barrier). Should you still find them difficult to read at one point or another, please inform us at personalentwicklung(at)boku.ac.at.

Guideline for Appraisal Interviews
Preparation Sheet for Managers
Preparation Sheet for Staff
Documentation Sheet Appraisal Interview doc
Documentation Sheet Appraisal Interview pdf