Fooled by our brains!

Unconscious bias - distorted perception and unaware preconceptions influence our actions and thinking.

Target group:

This eLearning course is aimed at all BOKU students and staff members who want to get to the bottom of their unaware thinking patterns and avoid discrimination.


Hardly anyone wants to consciously discriminate against others. And yet there is a need to catch up in the proportion of women in scientific or leadership positions. Also people whose mother tongue is not German often have problems finding a job or an apartment in Austria. The reasons for this can be found, among other things, in unconscious pre-assumptions and distortions of perception. Unconscious biases influence our thinking and can lead to unnoticed wrong decisions.

In this eLearning you will learn how unconscious preconceptions also come about in your brain. You will become aware of your own biases and gain insight into the range and scope of the impact that Unconscious Bias can have on success or failure. Get strategies to specifically reduce unconscious bias in the future.

Estimated duration:

approx. 90-120 minutes

Info for registration

BOKU faculty and staff find the eLearning course in the BOKU Training Passport: BOKUonline (login required) --> Services --> BOKU's Training Passport/Trainings --> Fit for Language and Methods

Participation is free of charge.

After complete and successful completion of the eLearning course you can upload your course certificate in the BOKU Training Passport. Please use the function 'Record external Training' for this purpose.

Teaching materials

The unconscious bias awareness course is also available for BOKU students.

As a BOKU teacher, you can use the eLearning course at any time in your classes. Please download a slide with a short description of the course and the access code for students: eLearning course 'Unconscious Bias' for students.

The course takes about 90 to 120 minutes and ends with a certificate.