“Not like us”

Sometimes we notice differences in the way we do things: In an intercultural work and study environment, we need new competences.

BOKU-International Relations is committed to good international relations. In the clip opposite, our colleagues emphasise the importance of intercultural competences at BOKU and inform about the numerous offers and funding opportunities to gain international experience.
You can find the eLearning course on intercultural competence in the BOKU Training Passport.

Target group

The eLearning course is aimed at all BOKU students and staff members who want to acquire intercultural competences or enhance their intercultural competences.


In an international and intercultural study and work environment, we notice differences in the way we do things more often than usual. And that our values and beliefs are not shared by everyone equally. So because we work and study cross-culturally, we need new skills and a change in our mindset. We need to communicate and cooperate with each other more consciously. We need to develop intercultural competence.

This course deals with the concept of culture and different cultural dimensions. It explains the meaning of ethnocentrism and outgroup bias and gives indications on how to deal with intercultural differences in a professional way.

One's own values and conditioning have to be challenged and one's behavior and expectations have to be adjusted. Intercultural interactions require communicative skills, openness, sensitivity, empathy and tolerance of ambiguity.

Estimated duration:

approx. 90-120 minutes

Info for registration

BOKU faculty and staff find the eLearning course in the BOKU Training Passport: BOKUonline (login required) --> Services --> BOKU's Training Passport/Trainings --> Fit for Language and Methods

Participation is free of charge.

After completion of all course sections you can upload your course certificate in the BOKU Training Passport. Please use the function 'Upload Certificate' for this purpose.

Teaching materials

The eLearning course for the development of intercultural competences is also available for BOKU students.

As a BOKU teacher, you can use the course at any time in your classes. Please download a slide with a short description of the course and the access code for students: eLearning course 'Intercultural Competence' for students.

The course takes about 90 to 120 minutes and ends with a certificate.

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