GTCs for the participation in the internal training program of BOKU


Internal continuing education courses are designed to provide on-the-job training. They are not courses of a study and cannot be credited towards a degree program. The completion of a course automatically appears on the BOKU Training Passport. If required, a separate certificate of attendance can be issued to the participants.

Target group:

The course program is only available to BOKU employees. Doctoral students can also participate in selected courses without an employment relationship with BOKU. Individual courses are exclusively aimed at specific target groups within the staff, for example scientific staff or managers. Sometimes certain prior knowledge, a specific internal function or previous attendance of another course is required for participation. This is indicated in the respective course description.

Registration and participation:

Registration for a course is mandatory. Coordination with the authorizing supervisor is required. In the case of a limited number of participants, the order of registration, or in factually justified cases, another criterion, determines the possibility of participation in a course. Registrations will not be accepted if the registered person does not belong to the target group listed in the course description or does not meet the registration requirements. Registered persons on a fixed place can be put on the waiting list if another person needs the course more urgently (for example, to meet qualification goals).

Cost contribution:

For the most part, internal training courses are offered free of charge. If a cost contribution is required, this is indicated in the course description. The cost contribution will be invoiced or charged internally after the course. Cancellation of a fee-paying seminar is free of charge until the end of the registration period. After that, the cost contribution is due.

House rules:

The use of the course rooms is subject to the house rules of BOKU. Facilities of the course rooms as well as IT resources made available within the scope of the course may only be used for the purpose of the training. Bringing other persons into the course rooms is not allowed.

Participants who violate the above rules or disrupt the course may be excluded from further courses.


No liability is assumed for participants' personal belongings. The responsibility for the learning success lies with the participants, there is no guarantee for the individual learning success.

Data protection and data processing:

All data and information provided by participants* will be treated confidentially. The registration data is stored electronically and is used for administrative purposes, for example, also for anonymous reporting as part of the intellectual capital statement.

For the purpose of checking attendance at the course and for course preparation, lists of participants (first name, last name, title and organizational unit) are passed on to the respective internal and external instructors. In the case of seminars that take place in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology, a mutual exchange of participant lists including e-mail addresses takes place for organizational reasons.

In the case of seminars for which a fee is charged, the registration forms received are forwarded to the accounting department for the purpose of billing or internal accounting.

General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) for the participation in the internal training program of BOKU