18.10.2022 16:00  zoom meeting

  • Kevin KOPECKY
    Individual Tree Segmentation and Classification of 13 Tree species in a heterogenous forest using LIDAR Data
    (Final presentation master thesis)

15.11.2022 16:00  zoom meeting

    Tree species classification in the NPDA using multispectral drone data
    (Final presentation master thesis)

13.12.2022 16:00 zoom meeting

  • Jaturong SOM-ARD
    Sugarcane mapping and yield estimation in Thailand using multiple satellites and multi-temporal satellite data
    (Final presentation doctoral thesis)

17.01.2023 16:00 zoom meeting/seminar room  

  • Franziska ERLER
    Contribution of the reed-belt to the ecosystem evapotranspirative demand in the lake neusiedl region
    (Introductory presentation master thesis)

24.01.2023 16:00 zoom meeting/seminar room       

  • Matthias LAMPERT
    Monitoring of carbon sequestration in agricultural soils using remote sensing
    (Final presentation master thesis)

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