Lecture hall administration

Lecture hall reservations, registration of examination and preferred dates

Lecture hall capacities

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna has numerous buildings at several locations. Please note the exact room overview and equipment.

Lecture room reservations

If you want to book a lecture room, please write an email to termine.bokuonline(at)

Registration of preferred dates

Please keep in mind that classes start at 08:00 (not 08:15) and the changeover time from 15 minutes between two courses has to adhered to.

Examination dates

Examination dates (especially in larger lecture rooms) should be planed for the end of the day, if possible.

Examination dates are getting confirmed successively, however at least 4 weeks before the exam.

The examination date will be visible for students with the note “place and time unknown” until the date is confirmed.

Last minute exam registrations or changes need to be told. Please send an email to termine.bokuonline(at)