Courses are recorded in a decentralized manner, except for bachelor's compulsory courses.

Dates are entered in BOKUonline by the lecturers or institute secretariats themselves. Master's compulsory courses within a study program should not overlap with each other. This can be checked in BOKUonline after login:

(1) Click on "University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna" (in the organization tree at the top left),

(2) Click on "Degree Programmes" (in the Teaching & Research column),

(3) Click on the Programme you are looking for in the list,

(4) Click on "Semester plan" and select the academic year (gray box on the top right),

(5) Click on the calendar icon next to the desired semester.

(6) The calendar view shows the dates of all courses that take place in the selected semester according to the semester recommendation. Please make sure that the date of the calendar display corresponds to the selected academic year and semester (1st, 3rd, 5th semester = winter semester; 2nd, 4th, 6th semester = summer semester) - otherwise the display is not correct! Courses generally take place in the winter semester between October 1 - January 31, in the summer semester between March 1 - June 30; for a more precise or current division of the academic year see

(7) For an overview of the entire semester, the option "Timetable" can be selected in the drop-down list at the top left instead of the default setting "weekly schedule". Again, make sure that the display matches the selected academic year and semester. If not, the matching semester can be selected using the forward and back arrows to the left of the calendar icon.

(8) Under "Settings" the minimum number of weekly repetitions for displaying an appointment in the timetable view can be reduced to 2. However, this is still an approximation over the entire semester, which cannot display irregular or daily blocked LV appointments! (If a detailed display of the dates is desired, the specific calendar week or date must be selected in the calendar display; see step (6)).

Due to the large number of Master's elective courses offered, overlapping dates between them cannot be avoided. However, dates within the different elective blocks  can be optimized (so that e.g. thematically closely related courses can be completed by students in the same semester):

(1) to (4) as described above,

(5) click on the plus symbol to the left of the heading "Elective courses",

(6) a list of all elective blocks/majors assigned to the program opens; click on the calendar icon to the right of the desired elective block/major;

further procedure as described above (according to steps (6) to (8)).


Download as PDF (inc. screenshots): Instructions for the display of appointment collisions

Please use this function in BOKUonline for scheduling your desired lecture dates in order to avoid overlaps for students as much as possible.

If you have any questions or problems, the schedule coordination team will be happy to support you (termine.bokuonline(at)!