Completion of doctoral programme

Cover page and template

Mandatory as of 1 October 2021!

As of the academic year 2021/22 the cover page must be used for all dissertations. The template may be used.

English version:
Cover page
Cover page explanation

German version:
Deckblatt Erläuterung

Submission of dissertation

A bound, hard copy of your dissertation must be submitted to the Dean of Studies (Study Services, 2nd floor) for assessment.

Please present the following documents when submitting your dissertation:  

  • Submission of dissertation
  • Registration for the viva voce examination
  • Current record of studies (Studienblatt) – printable version at Bokuonline
  • Notice of registration of doctoral project (selection of 20 ECTS) and relevant certification
  • Abstract
  • 2 bound hard copies of the dissertation including signed affidavit
  • Admission notification (for BOKU, University of Technology, Vienna, Graz University of Technology, University of Leoben – graduates, not available)

The documents for the completion of doctoral or PhD programmes are to be sent together by email (studienservices(at) The dissertation must be also submitted electronically to Study Services. Please use BOKUdrive. The instructions can be found here.

The graduation documents are only to be issued after two bound copies of the dissertation have been submitted by mail or by appointment.

Further information on final exams by video conference can be found here.

Two hardcover copies of the dissertation – one for the Austrian National Library and one for the BOKU Library – with your name printed on the spine must be submitted to the Study Services. The Dean of Studies will (electronically) assign the dissertation (through the Study Services) to two university professors with venia docendi, who will then have a maximum period of two months to assess the dissertation. Doctoral candidates are given a say regarding the choice of dissertation assessor. It should be noted that BOKU does not provide compensation for advisory opinions.

Application for appointment as external examiner/assessor

Students must enter the abstracts of their dissertations – written in both German and English – into the abstract application of the Central Information System ( After the doctoral project has been registered, the Study Services will create a record, which can be edited using students' access permission. The supervisor is responsible for closing the record. You are expected to meet high standards of quality for your abstract as it will be displayed on the Internet and will thus form a part of BOKU’s international presentation.

Dissertation restriction  

The Dean of Studies can, in certain cases, place a restriction on the use permit of the dissertation for a period of up to five years, with an initial restriction period of two years. If a restriction is placed on the dissertation, the texts destined for the University Library and the Austrian National Library will not be publicly displayed for the duration of use restriction. If you wish to place a restriction on your dissertation, please submit the corresponding application with your abstract. Please indicate the desired length of restriction when submitting your dissertation.    

Registering for your viva voce (second part)  

You will be able to register for the second part of the viva voce once the two positive advisory opinions have been received by the Study Services.

Viva voce examinations can be regularly scheduled except during exam-free periods (see calendar). Registration for the viva voce must take place no later than two weeks before the desired date.

The examination takes place before an examination board (two examiners and a chairperson). The doctoral candidate has a say in the choice of examiners. 

If it proves necessary or appropriate, the Dean of Studies can appoint an individual who is recognised by a domestic or international university as viva voce examiner, provided that this individual has a teaching credential deemed equivalent to an Austrian habilitation. If this is the case, complete the application form below and provide information regarding the individual (e.g. CV or an Internet printout) and submit with the other documents. It should be noted that BOKU has no funds available to pay for travel costs or room and board. 

Application for appointment as external examiner/assessor

Awarding of the degree   

After successful completion of the second part of the viva voce, the Dean of Studies will award you with the degree that corresponds to your programme.

As soon as the officially signed graduation documents (notice of graduation, certificate and diploma supplement) have been issued, we will inform you by email.

After receipt of the confirmation concerning study-related stays abroad (UHStat2) the graduation documents will be sent to you by email.

Four weeks after the officially signed notice of graduation has been sent to you by email, the notice of graduation becomes legally binding and you have the right to use the academic degree awarded to you. If you would like to use the academic degree earlier, notify Study Services by email that you waive your right to appeal. The notice of graduation becomes valid on the day of your waiver of appeal.

If you need a signed copy of the graduation documents for compelling legal reasons, please send the corresponding proof to studienservices(at) These graduation documents cannot be sent by mail and must be collected by you in person or by an authorized person at Study Services by appointment.

If the graduation documents cannot be personally collected, an authorization (form) and an official photographic ID must be presented.


Academic ceremonies

You can register for an academic ceremony (graduation ceremony) as soon as all the required graduation documents have been issued. Details of academic ceremonies can be found under Master's and PhD Graduation Ceremonies.