Who may apply for nostrification?

An application for nostrification can only be submitted if nostrification is required for the applicant in order to practice his/her profession in Austria or is necessary for his/her further educational career in Austria. Nostrification is necessary if the applicant wishes to engage in a professional activity in Austria which is restricted by law or other regulation to practice by persons holding an Austrian academic title or who have completed an Austrian university degree program. Nostrification is also necessary if, pursuant to legal regulations, an Austrian academic title or a completed Austrian university degree are prerequisites for admission to an educational institution the applicant wishes to attend. Within the European Union or the European Economic Area and in Switzerland, a number of academic professions are protected by means of legislation, ensuring that only citizens of these countries are permitted to practice these professions. In such cases, nostrification is not necessary and therefore impossible. Nostrification is not required for admission to an Austrian Master’s or PhD program.

Where do I apply for nostrification?

An application for nostrification must be submitted to an Austrian university at which it is possible to complete the degree program corresponding to the foreign degree. It is not permitted to submit the same application for nostrification to more than one university simultaneously or to re-submit an application that has been withdrawn or rejected to another university or institution of higher education.

The following degree programmes are currently available at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU):

What are the expenses involved?

The nostrification fee is currently € 150.00 and must be paid in advance. The fee is forfeited if the application is rejected or withdrawn.

Submitting an application

Please submit the following documents, both the original documents and copies thereof, with your application:

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Evidence confirming the status/quality of the recognized foreign post-secondary educational institution
  • Information on the completed academic program, as detailed as possible (e.g. examination certificates, syllabi, curricula, scientific papers, etc.)
  • Certification of the conferment of an academic title or the successful completion of an academic degree program
  • Evidence confirming the necessity of the nostrification in order to practice a profession or continue professional training in Austria
  • one exemplar of the Master thesis or the doctoral thesis (short summery in German)

PLEASE NOTE: Documents in foreign languages must be legalized and submitted as certified translations -> legalization and translation Application

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