MORE – An Offer for Refugees by Austrian Universities

Irrespective of basic needs such as shelter, food and medical care, refugees require spaces to develop opportunities for the future. This is especially true for the youth who have lost access to schooling and (higher) education by fleeing their country – without support they might grow up to be part of a lost generation. We believe in the refugee’s knowledge, skills and talents and the contributions that they can make if successfully integrated in the receiving societies.  MORE started out in fall 2015, now all public 21 universities in Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Leoben, Linz Salzburg and Vienna have joined. The MORE courses offer orientation in academic study fields and language trainings and serve with the decision to start a specific study programme. Students are registered as non-degree students and can attend courses and complete exams. MORE - AN INITIATIVE BY Uniko