BOKU MORE donation account

One possibility to support MORE students is via the BOKU MORE donation account. By making a donation, you support the procurement of teaching and writing materials, cafeterias / Facultas vouchers, Wiener Linien / ÖBB tickets for BOKU MORE students and other necessary materials that can help the BOKU MORE students. Donation account details:
IA 7100000003 (this must be specified on every deposit) Bank details:
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien - Spenden
IBAN:  AT48 3200 0018 0050 0512
Financial assistance: the amount of your contribution in EURO

To accompany and support MORE students - Study Partners

Become a "Study Partner" Locally committed students and volunteers (Study Partners) support MORE students in tailored language learning settings in small groups and help with the orientation in the universities “everyday- life”. At the University, in collaboration with the Students' Union, students from the same study fields will assist MORE students in choosing their courses and their participation. If you are interested in helping as a Study Partner of MORE students, please contact us at with the email subject "Study Partner - MORE". Please also write your contact information (e.g.: phone number, other mail addresses,…), your field of study and your desire / idea / area or facility with which you would like to help the MORE students. If you have any questions please contact our MORE coordinator: