Mag.a Nora Sikora-Wentenschuh

Mag.a Nora Sikora-Wentenschuh

Nora Sikora-Wentenschuh was born in Vienna in 1981; she graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Law in 2002-2007, majoring in tax law, private and contract law, public law, and labor and social law. Since July 1, 2020, she has been working at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna in the position of Vice Rector for Finance.

Nora Sikora-Wentenschuh gained professional experience primarily as a manager at Do&Co (2016-2020) and as an authorized signatory at Deloitte Austria (2007-2016).

Nora Sikora-Wentenschuh has many years of experience in the areas of leadership and financial accounting.

The Vice Rector's assigned institutions or staff positions include:

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