Route description

The Hydrobiology seminar room with the room designation MENH-DG/08, now SR D1 / MENH (SR Hydrobiologie) - formerly also known as "nördliches Turmzimmer" (northern tower room) - is located on the top floor of the Gregor Mendel House. Access is via a spiral staircase from the third floor, which is exactly opposite the inner courtyard lift. The inner courtyard lift (including staircase) is located in the inner courtyard extension, which also contains the Cafe Mendel on the ground floor.

Detailed Instructions

At the main entrance, pass the porter, go down the stairs and then into the corridor on the right. In the corner turn left and then left again through the glass door to the lift or staircase.

Take the lift or the stairs to the third floor, then go through the glass doors and keep slightly to the right. You are now standing directly in front of the entrance to the Hydrobiology seminar room.