PhD theses, diploma works, fellowships

Titels of vacant PhD theses and diploma works finished:

Dr. Levent SAYLAN (PhD.thesis, 1992) :
Impact of atmospheric, soil and plant parameters on evapotranspiration of soybean, fababean and maize (in german). Dr. Elena FRANZINI (PhD.thesis, 1993) :
Agrometeorological investigations on soybean and fababean and validation of two crop models (in german). Dr. Zdenek ZALUD (PhD.thesis, 1995) :
Validation of a crop growth and yield model for maize and the possibilities of its` application for the Czech Republic (in german). Mag. Christian CSEKITS (master degree, 1995) :
Potential yields of soybean in Austria and their simulation (in german). Mag. Herbert FORMAYER (master degree, 1995) :
Adaptation of a crop model for fababean to Austrian climatic conditions and sensitivity analyses on meteorological input parameters (in german). Mag. Mario KÖSTL (master degree, 1995) :
Testing of three crop models for maize regarding the future application possibitlities in Austria (in german). Dipl. Ing. Martin BURJAN (master degree, 1996):
Adaptation of a crop model for two soybean cultivars to the pannonic climatic conditions (in german). Martin KOBER (master degree, 1997-1999) :
Analysis of the microclimate in a hemp canopy (Cannabis sative L.) ongoing: DI Vesna CAJIC (PhD thesis, 1996-) :
Impact of climatic change and variability on the yield of soybean using dynamic crop models. Fellowships: DI Martha SZABO (fellowship : Aktion Austria-Hungary, 1996), Agricultural Univ. Gödöllö, Hungary :
Microclimatological investigations in greenhouses. DI Milada STASTNA (fellowship : Aktion Austria-Czech Republik, 1997), Mendel Univ. Brno, Czech Republic :
Agrometeorological measurement methods and data processing. Jana DUFKOVA (Sokrates fellowship, 2000), Mendel Univ. Brno, Tschechische Republik :
Impact of climatic change on the production of winter wheat in north-east of Austria. [last update : April 2000]