Guidelines for recognition of examinations

Please direct all inquiries regarding the recognition of examinations exclusively to: law(at)

Below you will find the recognition guidelines for exams at the Institute of Law. Please read the following information carefully and contact us at the above email address if you have any further questions.

In order for us to process your request, please send us an e-mail from your BOKU address and include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Matriculation number
  • Name and/or number of the relevant course
  • Your request

A. Recognition of exams

Exams that you have already taken outside your studies can be recognized as part of your current studies. This means that you do not have to take the corresponding exam again at BOKU. However, some requirements need to be fulfilled.

B. Requirements for the exam recognition

  1. You have to be a regular student, which means you need to be registered in a study programme at BOKU.
  2. The exam must have been completed successfully.
  3. You must have passed the exam at one of the following institutions:
    • Recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution;
    • Secondary technical and vocational school in subjects required for future employment;
    • General secondary schools with special consideration given to musical or sport education in artistic and artistic-scientific as well as sports and sport-scientific subjects;

  4. There must not be any significant differences between the examination taken and the examination at BOKU with regard to the acquired knowledge (equivalence).

C. Evaluation of equivalency

The equivalency will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Content and learning outcomes of the completed course
  • ECTS credit points
  • Function of the exam course in consideration of the curriculum
  • Test procedure of the taken exam

D. Exam recognition procedure

  1. Please read the information on the website of the Study Services.
  2. Check whether you fulfil the stated requirements.
  3. As a next step please send an e-mail to law(at) with the following information:
    • Full name;
    • Matriculation number;
    • Name and number of the course at BOKU, for which the exam should be recognized;
    • Current study programme at BOKU;
    • Curriculum, exam certificate and course description of the completed exam; as well as
    • An explanation of why in your opinion the corresponding exam is equivalent to the course at BOKU.

  4. We will check your request and contact you to confirm whether you have fulfilled the requirements. It is possible that we will require more information to review your request.
  5. Once you have received confirmation that you fulfil all requirements, you need to file the application via BOKUonline. This process is explained on the website of the Study Services. If you have any questions regarding this procedure please contact the Study Services.

E. Legal basis

The legal basis is § 78 UG.