11-day workshop includes up to 20 lectures combined with 20 practical sessions                     

251112-051212, Ghent/Belgium

The workshop will discuss recent advances and future perspectives in next generation sequence analysis, together with the necessary applications on the data of user submitted projects.

In this workshop, two innovative and complementary schemes will address the issue of introducing advanced plant genomics to Eastern European countries.  We believe these initiatives could have the potential to achieve a step-change in plant genomics in Eastern European countries.

The initiative will fund the generation of up to 5 Next Generation Sequencing datasets, specifically resutling from invited proposals from Eastern European countries. This will be followed up by a dedicated sequence analysis workshop, which will be open to participants across Europe, but at which the Next Generation Sequencing data obtained will be analysed.

Collaborative projects are welcome, but the projects must be led by a group from an Eastern European country. Applicants will need to ensure that their one page proposal identifies an individual with suitable bioinformatics experience to qualify them for the subsequent NGS workshop.

Sequence proposal submission deadline: 010712

Registration opening: 010712

You will be added to a waiting list. Researchers with an approved project will have preference.

Registration deadline: 010812

Information, registration, programme: http://bioinformatics.psb.ugent.be/ngs_workshop/