International event for young leaders                                                                               

17-210413, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The largest international event organized for young leaders in 2013, and over 1500 young leaders, students and academics, representatives of the business world, governments and international organizations will be participating in it.

One of the Forum’s events will be the international Conference for representatives from the 200 best Universities in the world.

The purpose of the Conference is:

- to discuss world global problems which are on the agenda of the G20

- to establish an intercultural dialogue

- to build business partnerships and friendships

The participants will receive such benefits as:

- The opportunity to make a report in front of an international scientific audience of professors and students

- to publish the articles in the electronic version of the Conference Journal

- to publish the best reports in the Conference Journal

- to discuss your research topics with the colleagues from all over the world

- to discuss your research topics with leading experts

- to place an item on the agenda of the Conference

The main result of the Conference is the publication of the Conference Journal with academic articles based on our participants’ presentations.

Students and professors from all over the world may participate in the Conference if they are aged over 18 years and have good communication skills in English.

How to participate?

- Participants should send their application form to g20youth(at) by 151212

- Participants should pay the participation fee within five days of receiving the invoice and send the payment confirmation to g20youth(at)

- Participants should send the articles based on the reports by 100113 for publication in the electronic version of the Conference Journal

Information: or contact the International Organizing Committee by g20youth(at)