Fall 2012 program                                                                                                        

Mondays at 4:30 p.m.

If you want to use the free IST shuttle bus from Wien Heiligenstadt (U4, S-Bahn) please print out the weekly invitation for the Colloquium from our homepage and present it to the driver.

Schedule for Fall 2012

240912: Idan Segev, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Design principles for dendritic inhibition, Download Invitation

151012: Jerry Coyne, University of Chicago, Two flies on an island: Speciation in African drosophila

221012: Vijay Balasubramanian, University of Pennsylvania, The maps inside your head: How the brain represents sensory and cognitive spaces, Download Invitation

291012: Nicholas Eriksson, University of Chicago, Interactive web-based genetic research at 23andMe, Download Invitation

051112: Ian Osborne

191112: Brian Charlesworth, University of Edinburgh

261112: Erin Schuman, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Local protein synthesis in neurons, Download Invitation

101212: Ilya Nemenman, Emory University, Of exactitude in science: Coarse-grained models of cellular signaling, Download Invitation

171212: Klaus Michael Hahn, University of North Carolina

140113: Martina Havenith, Ruhr University Bochum, Solvation - new answers to an old problem

110213: Ruth Lehmann, The Skirball Institute, NYU