Ethiopian experiences: The art of following other ideas                                                     

Diskussion: Belay Hagos Hailu, Addis Ababa University & Michael Hauser, BOKU Wien

131112, 4-7 pm, OeAD-Haus, Ebendorferstraße 7, 1010 Wien

›appear in practice‹ invites project partners to reflect and discuss their experiences referring to a specific topic in the project implementation process of their partnerships.
Participation is a key concept in the development discourse. Actively involving stakeholders in all stages of the project cycle is seen as a prerequisite for successful and sustainable partnerships. How this concept is put into practice, who participates and to what extent, which participatory methods and instruments are used, what are the achievements and challenges will be discussed by Belay Hagos Hailu and Michael Hauser, two representatives of appear projects in Ethiopia.