Life Sciences – New Ventures Beyond Established Frontiers                                                  

Der WWTF bietet beim aktuellen Life Sciences Call die Möglichkeit, einen ganz kurzen Abriss des geplanten Projekts (5-10 Zeilen) zu einem inhaltlichen Vorabcheck einzusenden. Wenden Sie sich hierzu bitte an Dr. Wöhrer: alexander.woehrer(at)



WWTF‘s “New Ventures Beyond Established Frontiers” project call targets innovative, frontier research that has the potential for scientific breakthroughs but at the same time may be high-risk. Novel and promising combinations of expertise should be a major feature of the proposed projects. This is the first call with this specific focus addressing Viennese universities and non-university research institutions as well as scientists and researchers in Vienna, including those moving to Vienna as a result of this call. The overall budget allocated for the 2013 call is 5 million Euro.

Deadline for short proposals: 140213

Note, that this is a two-stage selection process; full proposals are only accepted upon invitation. The deadline for full proposals is 280513.