Oral or poster presentation                                                                                              

Papers may be submitted on the following topics:

- Fuel characterisation and energy crops: Short rotation; New energy crops (hazelnut, jatropha, algae etc.); Fuel characterisation

- Fuel logistics

- Fuel processing

- Biomass potentials

- Heat from biomass and combustion engineering: The market; Low-emission technologies; Furnaces and small-scale biomass furnaces; Industrial biomass furnaces

- Electricity from solid biomass

- Biogas (electricity, heat, fuel, barriers, raw materials etc.)

- Biofuels

- Biorefineries

- Torrefaction

- New markets (Japan, South Korea, Canada etc.)

- Economic effects of sustainable bioenergy supply

- Bioenergy in urban areas

- Wood ash

- Demonstration projects

15-180114, Graz

Deadline for abstracts: 010513

Conference website: http://www.cebc.at/en/home/

Information about Biomass: http://www.biomasseverband.at