Exploratory Workshops // European Young Researchers' Award // Best Paper Award              

2013 Call for ESF Exploratory Workshops proposals

The Call is open to proposals across all scientific domains. The focus of the scheme is to foster meetings that aim to open up new directions in research or to explore emerging research fields with potential impact on new developments in science. Proposals should also demonstrate the potential for initiating follow-up actions. Proposals will be evaluated on the potential to create breakthroughs and form the basis for new areas of research and/or innovative applications, or the changing of paradigms. ESF Exploratory Workshops awards are intended for small, interactive and output-oriented discussion meetings of 15-30 participants, with an award of up to 15.000 EUR. Awards are for workshops to be held in the calendar year 2014 (1 February - 31 December).

Deadline for submission: 180413

Information: http://www.esf.org/workshops


The European Young Researchers' Award (EYRA) 2013

The Award is granted to researchers demonstrating outstanding research performance and leadership and is dedicated to PhD candidates only. At the same time, EYRA aims to inspire early stage and experienced researchers to incorporate a European dimension and perspective into their research. The Award is granted each year but the prize-giving-ceremony is held every two years at the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) where the two recipients will present their work. The Award consists of a Certificate and a grant to cover travel and accommodation for the stay in the ESOF city. This will be in Copenhagen for ESOF2014, which takes place from 21-26 June 2014.

Deadline for submission: 300413

Information: http://www.euroscience.org/eyra-2013.html


Best Paper Award: Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe - WWWforEurope

WWWforEurope would like to announce a competition for papers relating to Sustainable Development and Socio-ecological Transition in Europe. The authors of the best papers will be awarded during the 1st WWWforEurope Feedback Conference, which will be held in Vienna on 18-19 September 2013. The award-winning authors will be presented with the opportunity to get their papers published in the WWWforEurope working paper series. The objective is to increase the input of innovative ideas related to the WWWforEurope research project as well as provide the Consortium with timely information on the newest research findings from the best researchers.

Deadline for submission: 300413