Grants for investments for provision of modern energy services for the rural poor through rural electrification

The focus shall be the local impact of the action and on utilizing renewable sources of energy. Projects should directly involve local actors and end beneficiaries. Deadline for submission of applications: 030613 With regard to rural electrification, actions may address various types of target areas: 1. Electrification of isolated areas (electricity for dispersed populations in these isolated areas will not be done through the national grid within the foreseeable future): the actions supported by the Energy Facility will concern decentralized systems mainly based on: - Small solar / wind / bio-energy / hydro power plants in combination with a rural distribution network - Technical innovations for rural electrification in areas such as micro-hydro, new types of electricity distribution technology, decentralised grids, etc. 2. Electrification of rural growth centres through decentralized solutions; Projects aiming at implementing decentralized solutions, based on renewable energy, for rural growth centres and surrounding areas (which in a later phase might be connected to the national grid). Guidelines for grant applicants