2014 (vol. 3) no. 1.                                                                                                        

Please note that  only the papers with the focus on the issues of the Visegrad countries and cooperating regions in the area of sustainable development and bioeconomy and especially on the  following topics can be published:

- Integrated Bioeconomy at global, European, regional and local levels
- Sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable agri-food production

- Sustainability, traceability and food security in the supply chains
- Global sustainable development and its challenges
- Climate change mitigation, land degradation and biodiversity

- Green economy agenda and institutional framework
- Renewable resources of energy
- Rural, agricultural and forestry development
- Entrepreneurship, international trade and innovations

Deadline for submitting the papers: 150214

Papers are to be sent to the Managing Editor of the Journal, Prof.Dr.Ing. Elena.Horska@gmail.com 

Instructions for authors