& Upcoming IST Lectures

Invitation to The Institute Colloquium, the main research seminar of IST Austria which will take place Mondays at 4:30 pm in the Raiffeisen Lecture Hall of IST Austria, food and drinks included. The Institute Colloquium has an interdisciplinary flavor and should be of general interest to the research community of Vienna and surroundings. Please find the schedule for Fall 2014 below. If you want to use the free IST shuttle bus from Wien Heiligenstadt (U4, S-Bahn) please print out the weekly invitation for the Colloquium from our homepage and present it to the driver: http://ist.ac.at/en/events/lectures-talks/the-institute-colloquium/ Schedule Fall 2014 Monday, September 15
George Zweig
Massachusetts Insitute of Technology
Listening to the ear Monday, September 29
Michael Savageau
University of California
Strategy for deconstructing complex systems by phenotypes Monday, October 6
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
University of Calgary
Geometry of morphogenesis Monday, October 13
Jean Dalibard
Laboratoire Kastler Brossel
Ultra-cold atoms: a unique playground for quantum physics Monday, October 20
Moni Naor
Weizmann Institute
Physical zero-knowledge Monday, October 27
Gershon Kurizki
Weizmann Insititute
The observer and the world: Does science teach us about reality? Monday, November 3
Ralf Schneggenburger

EPFL Lausanne
Function and specific development of brain synapses Monday, November 10
Anne-Claude Gavin
EMBL Heidelberg
Expanding the cellular interactome: protein-lipid networks Monday, November 17
Pascale Ehrenfreund
Austrian Science Fund
Cosmic carbon chemistry and the search for life in the universe Monday, November 24
Matthieu Piel
Institut Curie
Deforming the nucleus during cell migration: mechanism, consequences on cell survival and more Monday, December 1
Nati Linial
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
A geometric perspective of combinatorics Monday, December 15
Martin Schwab
University of Zurich and ETH Zurich
Fiber growth, formation of new circuits and functional repair after brain and spinal cord injuries Monday, January 19
Chris De Zeeuw
Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience
It takes two to tango: differential processing in olivocerebellar modules Monday, January 26
Felix Randow
University of Cambridge, Medical Research Council
How cells use autophagy to defend against bacterial invasion Upcoming IST Lectures Cedric Villani (Institut Henri Poincaré), Of Triangles, Gases, Prices and Men, Thursday, November 6 at 5:00 pm Terry Collins (Carnegie Mellon University), Building the chemical dimension of a sustainable world, Wednesday, December 3 at 5:00 pm Information: http://ist.ac.at/events/all-events/