Starting 010115

The membership application procedure of ÖGMBT at the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) was positively completed.

The ÖGMBT-membership enables you to take benefit of all services and activities offered by the FEMS:
Research Grant assists Early Career Scientist for research up to three months => next application deadline 15 June 2015

FEMS Meeting attandance grants (EUR 250-600) for early career scientists to attend microbiology meetings => next application deadline 1 April + 1 September 2015

Mäkelä – Cassell Exchange Programme (up to EUR 4.000) for Early Career Scientists supports the reciprocal exchange of one member from each organization to present his/her research at the other organization’s main conference and to engage in a short-term visit at a research laboratory in that country => next application deadline 6 January 2015

Five Journals: FEMS Microbiology Ecology, FEMS Microbiology Letters, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, FEMS Yeast Research and Pathogens and Disease

FEMS-Jensen Award (up to EUR 10.000) comprises a fellowship for spending at least half a year in an outstanding research laboratory => next application deadline 1 March 2015

FEMS-Lwoff Award 2015 (EUR 1.000) for outstanding service to microbiology in Europe => application deadline 10 January 2015

6th FEMS Congress (7-11 June 2015, The Netherlands) with more than 3.000 microbiologists => abstract submission deadline 7 January 2015

To reinforce the Executive Committee and Management Boards we cordially invite you to apply for one of the following positions at FEMS:
- Vice-President (2016–2019)

- Member at Large, Meetings Board (2016-2019)

- Delegate Representative on the Publications Board (2015-2018)

- Delegate Representative on the Awards Board (2015-2018)

- Delegate Representative on the Meetings Board (2015-2018)

Interested candidates should contact the national FEMS delegate Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Diethard Mattanovich diethard.mattanovich(at)  

Deadline for application: 310115

Please, encourage also your collegues to get member of the ÖGMBT to be able to use these opportunities of the FEMS and of other international societies, like FEBS, EFB and IUBMB, where ÖGMBT is member.