Schwerpunkt: Gendergerechtigkeit

01-020715, Lecture Hall C2, Campus of the University of Vienna/Court 2.6, Spitalgasse 2-4, 1090 Vienna

Human intelligence creates unlimited ideas, research and technologies that have high impact on the development of societies and the human being itself. Do we actively design the future without reflecting this impact? How do we want to connect with and within technologies? How do we shape our environment for us and for other living beings? How do we engage with evolutionary demands emerging between biology and culture?

At the symposium “Women for Future” we will present and discuss approaches of renowned and upcoming female scholars on how to think about and engage with the future. We will foster dialogue with the audience in order to reflect together about how we can create a more fine-tuned awareness of challenges and possibilities of our shared futures.

Stream I: “Human-Technology-Networks: For a Future Worth Living ”

Stream II: “Quo Vadis Homo: Evolution Between Nature and Culture”

Stream III: “Living together well in the Anthropocene: Global Change and Multi-Species Survival”

The symposium will connect the thematic discussions and challenging questions on a General Panel Discussion with the speakers.

The symposium will also open space for networking between expert scholars and junior scholars.

The symposium is free of charge.

Please register until 150615!

Registration & information:

Organization: Renée Schroeder & Sigrid Schmitz