Joint Programming Initiative JPI Climate

22-2310115, Vienna, Austria Facing societal challenges like climate change implies to rethink the manner how data and information are managed to generate knowledge with problem-solving character. In a context marked by a growing demand of openness within our societies, climate research activities have a unique opportunity to increase their credibility and their influence when executing mitigation and adaption policies. To do so, comprehensive approaches that bear in mind both barriers and potentialities of approaches like “Open Access” or “Open Science” are needed. The JPI Climate is a European network of national funding organisations working together to coordinate jointly their climate research agendas and to fund new transnational research initiatives. JPI Climate is committed with transparency both in its daily business and also by promoting it in the climate research community, and therefore is glad to invite you to this symposium. The event will address 3 aims: - To foster the discussion on how to promote, design and implement effective and comprehensive policies towards what is called “Open Access” and “Open knowledge” within the climate-relevant research community (including policy makers, funding agencies, research institutions, practitioners and non-academic stakeholders like NGOs, SMEs, or from the civil society). - To build capacity through the presentation and discussion of good practices from both the climate research (including research funding organisations and foundations) and other fields of knowledge. - To reinforce and legitimatise the JPI Climate Guidelines on Open Knowledge Recently adopted by the JPI Climate GB: as a toolbox for policy makers and research funding organisations when designing and executing climate research policies. By participating in the sessions you will have the chance to involve yourself in the discussions, to present your own views, to share visions and opinions and to get to know innovative developments in this issue. All this regardless of your previous experience in the topic. Information & Symposium's agenda Registration Contact: alexis.sancho-reinoso(at)