Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2016

The mission of AXA Research Fund is to fund academic research dedicated to a better  understanding  of  important hazards,  risks  and  threats  and  current  global societal challenges within three clusters: socioeconomic risks, environmental risks and life risks (see application guidelines p 2).

The candidate must have been awarded his/her first PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) within the 5 years preceding the submission of the proposal, based on the deadline for light proposals.

A Post-Doctoral Fellow must not be holding a permanent academic position.

The PostDoc grants are selected in a 3-stage application process:

1st stage: Evaluation of the organization, number of nominees will be determined by AXA. The first stage is handled centrally by the FOS / PS

2nd stage: organisation nominates applicant(s) who then submit light proposal

3rd stage: AXA invites selected candidates to submit full applications

Since max. one slot for submitting the ligtht proposal is expected for BOKU, the submission of a timely expression of interest for internal nomination is required.

Deadline for the internal expression of interest: 171115