Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), Department of Agricultural Economics and International Economic Relations

16-170616, Warsaw-Rogow, Poland

Conference topics cover the following international aspects of agro-food economy:

- Perspectives and determinants of development of agro-food economy and rural areas

- Policy measures and their impact on the economy

- Globalization and integration processes

- International trade and movements of factors of production

- Competitiveness and innovativeness in agro-food economy

- Prices and their determinants  in agriculture and food economy

- Agro-food marketing chain

- Consumption patterns and food security

- Methodological aspects of the evaluation of development of food economy and rural areas

- Economic aspects of information in agriculture  and food economy – The role of human capital in economic development

- Management of natural resources and environmental impact assessment

Application deadline: 150316

Submission of papers deadline: 300416

Information & application form: http://kerimsg.wne.sggw.pl/en/conferences/