Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its funding partners

1. Our Grand Challenges Explorations  fosters early-stage discovery research to expand the pipeline of ideas for solving our greatest global health and development challenges. Launched in 2008 with an initial $100 million commitment from the foundation, Grand Challenges Explorations grants have already been awarded to more than 1100 researchers from more than 60 countries.

Application deadline on the following six topics: 110516:

- Assess Family Planning Needs, Preferences and Behaviors to Inform Innovations in Contraceptive Technologies and Services

- Develop Novel Platforms to Accelerate Contraceptive Drug Discovery

- Design New Analytics Approaches for Malaria Elimination

- Accelerate Development of New Therapies for Childhood Cryptosporidium Infection

- Novel Approaches to Characterizing and Tracking the Global Burden of Antimicrobial Resistance

- Explore New Solutions in Global Health Priority Areas

2. Grand Challenges China: New Interventions for Global Health.  This challenge focuses on calls for innovative concepts for safe, effective, affordable and widely utilized interventions, such as vaccines and therapeutics, with the potential to protect against the acquisition, progression or transmission of infectious diseases that disproportionately affect the world’s poorest.  This call is in partnership with the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Application deadline: 150316, 08:00 am Beijing time (140316, 5pm Seattle time).

For a detailed description of this challenge, please visit the Grand Challenges site.

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