This year’s topic is: CONNECT! Do networks matter?

290416, IST Austria campus, Klosterneuburg

What do communities, neurons, nodes and genes have in common? Why do complex phenomena emerge upon formation of connections? Networks are everywhere, but do we understand them?

For this one-day meeting leading scientists from Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, Mathematics and Computer Science will discuss the impact of networks on their respective field. This year's Young Scientist Symposium will provide a multidisciplinary view on network properties and phenomena. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with experts and to broaden their horizon with newly arising questions.

Smita KRISHNASWAMY, a computer scientist turned systems biologist from Yale University
Detlev ARENDT, an evolutionary- and neurobiologist at the EMBL Heidelberg
Angelika STEGER, a mathematician active in theoretical computer science at ETH Zurich
Uri ALON, a systems biologist with a physicist background working at the Weizmann Institute of Science
Jennifer NEVILLE, a computer scientist and statistician at Purdue University
Kevin FOSTER, evolutionary biologist at University of Oxford

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