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EU forests serve a wide range of economic, social and environmental purposes and provide around three million jobs. Wood remains the main source of financial revenue and forest biomass represents the most important source of renewable energy in the EU. However, forests also provide a large range of other products, such as cork, resins, mushrooms, nuts, game and berries as well as ecosystem services which are increasingly being valued on the market.

This EIP-AGRI workshop - second week of November 2016, Vienna, Austria
 - intends to showcase innovative value chains which add value to a certain number of forest products and services with a high potential but which are currently under-used, such as wild products, resin derivates, textile fibres, recreational services, etc. Promoting such new value chains can be a powerful economic incentive for integrated forest management schemes, increasing forest multifunctionality and contributing to sustainable forest management.

The workshop will primarily focus on non-wood products and services. However, examples of innovative wood value chains will be also considered if they can inspire innovative uses of wood by forest owners and managers throughout Europe.

Do you have relevant experience or ideas on innovative ways to add economic value to forest products or services? We would like to hear about them.
If you are interested in participating please fill in the online form.
The call for participants will be open until 130516.

About the EIP-AGRI. The European Innovation Partnership 'Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability' aims to provide a working interface for innovation actors, including farmers, foresters, advisers, agri-business, civil society, and researchers, working at EU, national and regional level. The partnership aims to act as a catalyst for innovation-related actions to foster enhanced productivity and sustainable resource management across the whole value chain. 

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