Photo-BioPolymers // Lactic Acid Production // Biorefinery Solutions

1. acib Project Offer: Photo-BioPolymers Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) is an especially interesting biopolymer, as it resembles polypropylene (PP) while being fully biodegradable. We are developing a sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing process based on non-GMO cyanobacteria converting CO2 to PHB. We are looking for partners to finance 2-3 years to reach market maturity in exchange of getting privileged access to this technology. 2. acib Project Offer: Lactic Acid Production We have developed an efficient one-pot one-step bioprocess for lactic acid production from starch and raw starch with almost stoichiometric conversion of starch to lactic acid. It is a simultaneous semi-solid substrate saccharification and fermentation (s5f) process involving just a single biocatalyst and moderately high temperature. We are looking for partners financing the development of this process to market maturity in exchange of privileged access to this technology. 3. acib Project Offer: Biorefinery Solutions In collaboration with world-leading research institutions we offer integrated biorefinery solutions! From pretreatment and fractionation of lignocellulose to enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentative conversion to integration and techno-economic evaluation. Information: Kontakt: Mag. Dr. Martin U. Trinker, Director Business Development & Fundraising, acib - Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology, martin.trinker(at)