Virtual event

The Institute for Managing Sustainability is pleased to announce the official release event of the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit. The event will launch the outcomes of three years of research on corporate impact measurement & management carried out in the context of the EU funded project GLOBAL VALUE.

Release: 12-140617, online, visit the virtual conference from the convenience of your desk

Join us for three days of learning and exchange from the convenience of your desk

- Profit from a special 3-day workshop acquainting participants with core concepts of corporate impact measurement and management

- Be part of exciting live sessions to find out what the Sustainable Development Goals are and how they are relevant to your organization.

- Explore the role of partnerships and governance in enabling a positive net contribution of business to the SDGs

- Get to know the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit with plenty of resources to get you started.

Register now and reserve your spot for our special 3-day training sessions on how to best use the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit for measuring and managing corporate impacts.

Visit our website for more information on speakers and the programme.


GLOBAL VALUE – Managing Business Impacts on Development is one of the largest EU-funded research projects to date addressing the measurement and management of business impacts on global sustainable development. The project is coordinated by the Institute for Managing Sustainability and implemented by eleven research institutions, civil society organizations and companies. The consortium includes some of the leading minds in CSR and development research across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Preview: visit the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit to find out which resources are already available to the public or join our newsblog for regular updates straight into your inbox