Partnering Grants

The main objective of this call is to promote capacity building at EU level through joint initiatives between two or preferably more organisations in different Member States, Norway and Iceland, enabling knowledge and expertise transfer and/or exchange within the fields of EFSA`s remit. For the purpose of this grant, Capacity Building is defined as an initiative that leads to the strengthening of food safety risk assessment capacity of national organisations through the transfer or exchange of knowledge, skills, competencies and abilities between partner organisations.

Please note that the formation of consortia is mandatory in this call. More information about context of cooperation and funding followed by launching of this kind of calls is available at EFSA website - here, including access to the Article 36 Search Tool, which can support your search for consortium partner(s) among other eligible Art.36 organisations being included on the List of competent organisations in Member States.

It is also recommended contacting your EFSA national Focal Point if you have any questions concerning the Article 36 list or EFSA grant procedures.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 311018

Call documents: