Key features

The ERC Work Programme for 2019, which features the largest ERC call budget hitherto with more than 2 bn Euro, will be published by mid-September 2018 (originally the publication was planned for mid-July 2018). Preliminary information on key features of the Work Programme is provided by the ERC at:

Please find here the respective call deadlines as foreseen to date:

Starting Grant 2019: 171018

Consolidator Grant 2019: 070219

Advanced Grant 2019: 290819

Synergy Grant 2018: 081118

Proof of Concept 2018: 220119, 250419 and 190919

The ERC Work Programme 2019 includes the following novelties:

For applications to the ERC Synergy Grant Call 2019 (endowed with an unprecedented budget of 400 mio Euro), it is possible for the first time that one of the 2-4 Principal Investigators (with exception of the Corresponding PI) is hosted or engaged by an institution outside of the EU or Associated Countries.

For ERC Proof of Concept projects funded under Work Programme 2019, the financial contribution will be awarded as a lump sum of 150.000 Euro for a period of 18 months.

A summary of the main expected changes in the Work Programme 2019 is provided by the ERC at: