In 2010, the prize places particular emphasis on outstanding achievements in the field of Nature Conservation.

The Prize, created in 2007, aims at recognizing and honouring innovative and exemplary scientific and practical achievements in the fields of agriculture, forestry and nature conservation in Europe. Apart from this comprehensive purpose the prize intends to raise public awareness of scientific and practical achievements and to foster insight into the interdependency of scientific progress, innovation and rural development.

The award is accompanied by a diploma and a cash prize worth EUR 25.000. The cash prize is unrestricted and designed to further the innovative research of the successful nominee.

Suitable candidates from any European country must be nominated by the dean of their faculty or college or by the director of the research institution. There is no age limit, but in the selection process emphasis will be given to younger researchers. The research upon which the nomination is to be evaluated must have been carried out at an institution in an European country.

Nomination should be submitted by 20/12/09.