Invitation to a 4-days cross-border Project Management Course within the framework of the European Territorial Co-operation Austria-Czech Republic 2007-2013

1st Part: 20-21/04/10, 09:00-17:00, Masaryk University, Brno

2nd Part: 03-04/05/10, 09:00-17:00, BOKU

The training will comprise the following topics:

- what is Project Management and the key principles for PM success

- managing the project team and the main tools for PM

- practical uses: WBS diagram, Gantt diagram, CPM/PERT diagram

- Risk Management tools in PM. (practical examples)

- solving the conflicts during the project.

- leading the project team - practical examples

- research projects in international settings

- tools, methods to improve collaboration in transnational teams

- improve efficiency of meetings

- delimitation of one’s own project, management of interfaces

- decision making and communication in steering boards

- cooperation in consortia

The course is addressed to PhD-students and PostDocs, the presence in both parts is obligatory.

Deadline for registration: 09/04/10, sonja.schiehser(at)

Costs for course, travelling and hotel will be taken over by CoReTech, a project under the

European Territorial Co-Operation Austria-Czech Republic-Programme.